Pay-As-You-Go Billing

Introducing Pay-As-You-Go billing
with Smart Pay

Chesapeake Employers Insurance has partnered with SmartPay Solutions, a leader in the pay-as-you-go industry for workers’ compensation insurance, to provide you with a flexible payment option. Visit the SmartPay website for more information.




How Pay-As-You-Go Billing Works

Pay-as-you-go with SmartPay Solutions allows our eligible policyholders to pay their premiums based on real-time payroll information each payroll cycle. Best of all, your premium will be calculated on actual, not projected, payroll, which could improve your cash flow management and streamline the year-end audit process.

You may enter payroll data manually or use a payroll service vendor.* SmartPay Solutions will then calculate and withdraw premium from your bank account based on each payroll report.

*Excludes ADP and Paychex.
SmartPay is a third party service provider contracted by Chesapeake Employers’ Insurance Company to implement the pay-as-you-go payment plan.

To enroll, or for more information about the pay-as-you-go billing plan, please contact your agent or call Chesapeake Employers at 410-494-2000 or 1-800-264-4943.

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