Report an Injury

With 24/7 injury reporting, Chesapeake Employers makes it easy.

Report an Injury Online or by Phone

With Chesapeake Employers, you can report any workplace injury online, or by calling our Injury Reporting Hotline at 1-888-410-1400.

In order to handle the situation as efficiently as possible, make sure to establish early intervention in a claim to ensure the best medical care for the employee. Also, prompt and early reporting of an injury has been shown to help reduce the overall cost of a claim and could reduce the potential for unnecessary litigation down the line.

REMINDER: In the event of a catastrophic injury or fatality, after you call 911, please call the Chesapeake Employers' Injury Hotline promptly at  1-888-410-1400.

Accidents happen. Be prepared beforehand with an injury reporting plan.

An injury reporting plan is a step-by-step guide explaining to your supervisors and employees what to do in the event of a workplace accident.

Helpful Resources

The ACORD 4 - First Report of Injury or Illness form should be filled out by the employer after a workplace accident occurs.

These forms are used for obtaining an accurate account of the accident. These are fact-finding, not fault-finding.

Completing this form allows your injured employee to receive their first prescription filled for no out-of-pocket costs.

Basic overview of a workers’ compensation claim, including your benefits and responsibilities.

Catastrophic Injury Reporting

Although all injuries deserve professional investigation and file management, some catastrophic or very serious injuries need a different response. We have a Catastrophic Injury, or “CAT”, team to help you and your injured employee whenever these events occur and ask that you call us immediately at  1-888-410-1400, 24 hours a day, if something of this nature occurs. We are here to help, but we can't begin until we are notified.