Injured Workers' Information

We are here to help.

As an injured worker, it’s important to understand both your benefits and responsibilities when hurt on the job. Begin by familiarizing yourself with the benefits Chesapeake Employers provides, and by utilizing our claim services, you’ll be taking advantage of an integrated system that can supply quality medical care for a quick recovery and return to work.

What to do after the injury has been reported.

After an injury has been reported to Chesapeake Employers, you must remain in contact with both your employer and your claims adjuster and also let the claims adjuster know how you are progressing. You must also make sure to actively participate in recommended treatment plans.

For more information, review our Injured Worker’s Claims FAQs or ask your claims adjuster about receiving our helpful Guide for the injured Worker brochure.

For additional printed copies of the Guide for the Injured Worker, please call our Customer Service Department at (410) 494-2000 (1-800-264-4943 outside Baltimore) or Contact Us.