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Learn about dividend plans, safety discount programs, and other states coverage.

With a variety of different programs and plans available, we go the extra mile to help keep money in our policyholders' pockets. 

Dividend Plans

To reward our customers who make workplace safety a top priority and prevent accidents, Chesapeake Employers offers several dividend plans to qualifying new and renewal customers.* 

Corporate Dividend: this dividend is based on performance and is paid to qualifying policyholders who have contributed to Chesapeake Employers' financial success.

Proud to Reward Safe Businesses With a Corporate Dividend

Customer Update – Corporate Dividends FAQs 2022-2023

Individual Dividend:  the individual dividend is a policy endorsement and applies to qualified policies with premiums greater than $30,000 before discounts and credits.

* Note: dividends are not guaranteed and are declared at the sole discretion of Chesapeake Employers' Board of Directors.

Safety Discount Programs

Chesapeake Employers proudly partners with numerous associations and affinity groups to provide workers' compensation insurance programs designed to improve workplace safety and save you money.

Our programs may include:

  • Premium discounts
  • Group dividends

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Other States Coverage

There may be times when your work takes you and some of your employees across state lines for an extended period of time. Chesapeake Employers has you covered, even when duty calls from outside the state of Maryland. 

What's Included in Your Policy?

Coverage for Maryland employees working in other states on an incidental basis is provided under your standard Chesapeake Employers policy. 

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When Do You Need Other States Coverage?

Employees assigned for extended periods of time or permanently located in another state require a separate policy. For your coverage needs in these situations, Chesapeake Employers has teamed with a national insurer to provide an insurance solution in nearly all states.*

*(All states in the U.S. except for North Dakota, Ohio, Washington, Wyoming, U.S. Virgin Islands, and Puerto Rico.)

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