Claims Services

We're dedicated to containing claim costs and keeping premiums as low as possible.

Taking Care of Injured Workers is Our Business

Chesapeake Employers is committed to containing claim costs and keeping premiums as low as possible through integrated health and claims services. We employ a team of doctors, nurses, physical therapists and a pharmacist,  that work side-by-side with experienced claims professionals to ensure medical treatment for injured workers is swift, thorough, and appropriate.

Our team of medical professionals include:


Two orthopedic surgeons, experienced in occupational injuries, provide medical advice on treatment interventions and cost containment opportunities.


Our nurses provide case management and medical services utilization review to ensure the medical treatment that the injured worker may need is appropriate and administered in a timely manner.


The pharmacist works with our outside Pharmacy Benefits Manager to monitor drug utilization and prescriptions related to the work injury, while addressing any safety concerns associated with medications. 

Physical Therapists

Our physical therapists monitor injured workers’ progress for short- and long-term goals, and vigilantly review invoices for reasonableness.

Highlights of this teamwork advantage include:

Early claims intervention for potentially high-cost injuries

For example, injuries to the back can often become costly, with prolonged treatment, medications, and lengthy recovery times. These claims receive our early case management attention.

Specialized catastrophic injury reporting team

We have a Catastrophic Injury, or “CAT”, team to help you and your injured employee whenever these events occur. 

Pre-certification of medical and surgical procedures

Our team reviews proposed medical treatments to confirm they are reasonable and medically necessary to ensure maximum recovery.

Pharmacy benefits manager program

We work with a pharmacy benefits manager to provide injured workers access to prescription medicines at more than 67,000 participating pharmacies around the country, including more than 1,300 in Maryland. Our pharmacy benefits manager helps us to manage costs by negotiating lower prescription prices; leverage safety features to ensure better care and outcomes; and access comprehensive data to identify trends in utilization.

Independent medical evaluation (IME)

We manage a network of physicians who have been evaluated to ensure they meet the highest standards to provide independent medical evaluations when a second opinion is needed.

Medical bill review and prompt payment

Our billing specialists review medical bills for accuracy and prompt payment. They help manage costs by negotiating lower hospital fees and working with Preferred Provider Organizations (PPOs).

Return-to-work program

Our nurses, claims adjusters, and safety consultants help employers create return-to-work programs, often customized, to help injured workers transition back to productive work as soon as they are medically able.