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1. The Importance of Building a Strong Workplace Safety Culture
 In this webinar, Kristin Klein, Director of Safety
 Services for Chesapeake Employers’ Insurance Co.,
 makes the case for creating a culture of safety in the
 workplace. She discusses the four elements needed
 to build a strong safety culture, including management
 commitment, employee involvement, information and
 training, and continuous development and
 improvement, and shows how it makes good financial sense for any size organization.

2. 10 Steps to Creating an Effective Safety Program in Your Workplace

 Howard Thomas, Chesapeake Employers’ Safety
 Services Supervisor, guides viewers through the 10
 steps to creatin a great workplace safety program.
 Howard outlines, step-by-step, how to create a
 company safety program based on best industry
 practices. This webinar is a companion to
 “Safety 201: The Importance of Building a Strong
 Workplace Safety Culture.” For more information on Chesapeake Employers’ Safety Services or to schedule a consultation, please call our Customer Service Contact Center at 410-494-2000 (1-800-264-4943 outside Baltimore).

Claims 101: Basic Claims Management
(eSERVICES LOGIN REQUIRED - 22:00 min - WebEx platform presentation)

   In this webinar, Claims Manager Karen Lowrey shares important information
   vital to providing prompt care and claims-related benefits for injured workers
   while controlling claims costs for employers. If you have any questions on the
   claims process at Chesapeake Employers, please contact your Chesapeake
   Employers' Claims Adjuster directly or call our Customer Service Call Center
                                        at 410-494-2000 (1-800-264-4943 outside Baltimore).

Safety 101: Workplace Accident Investigation
(Login not required - 17:33 minutes)

Accident investigations determine how and why accidents occur. In this webinar, Safety Services Analyst Mary Smith focuses on techniques for gathering complete, accurate and objective accident data; explains how to arrive at the root cause of an accident; and shows how to determine corrective actions. By using the information gained, a similar, or perhaps
more disastrous, accident may be prevented. For help with your accident investigation, contact your Chesapeake Employers’ Safety Services Consultant or call 410-494-2000 (1-800-264-4943 outside Baltimore).
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Customer Success Stories: Safety Saves with Chesapeake EmployersNETS 10 Steps for an effective Workplace driving safety program

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