Drug Testing Program Guide and Summary - Only Available to Chesapeake Employers' Policyholders and Agents

Chesapeake Employers strongly supports the benefits of a comprehensive workplace drug and alcohol testing program.

To help you, our policyholders, better understand this important employment topic, Chesapeake Employers retained Shawe Rosenthal, LLP to produce the “Maryland Employer’s Guide to Drug and Alcohol Testing.” In addition, we created a summary guide, “The Maryland Employer’s Summary to Developing a Drug Testing Program: The Building Blocks.”

These FREE publications can help you deter, detect and address the use and abuse of drugs in your workplace. Both publications are specific to Maryland and are only available to Chesapeake Employers’ policyholders with an eServices account.

The Maryland Employer’s Summary: Developing a Drug Testing Program - The Building Blocks

  • Summary of the full guide;
  • Organized into five manageable steps;
  • Includes sample policy, “Drug-Free Workplace Policy and Testing Program”;
  • Also includes sample forms and notices;
  • “Signs of Addiction” checklist;
  • Available for viewing and downloading only with your e-Services User Name and Password.

The Maryland Employer’s Guide to Drug and Alcohol Testing

  • 48-page reference manual;
  • Written by attorneys from Shawe Rosenthal, LLP;
  • Firm specializes in federal and Maryland labor and employment law;
  • Available for viewing only with your e-Services Account User Name and Password.

To discuss the benefits of creating a workplace drug-testing program, please contact your Chesapeake Employers’ Claim Adjuster or Safety Management Consultant.

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