Welcome to Safety Flicks,
our Online Safety Training Library!
We are pleased to make available Safety Flicks, an online safety training service featuring streaming videos. This service offers unlimited streaming of safety videos created by a third party. Safety Flicks provides an Interactive quiz feature at the end of every streaming presentation.

This service is available to all current Chesapeake Employers' policyholders and State of Maryland government agencies with an active eServices account.

The safety information contained in these products will help enhance your organization’s safety training efforts.

There is also an interactive feature – a quiz section at the end of each streaming presentation. The quiz is a great way for viewers to receive feedback on how well they understand and retain the information presented. The quiz can either be completed online or printed out and completed. You can preview the Safety Flicks at www.itrainstation.com.

Click here for a printed reminder of important details on using Safety Flicks for training purposes.

You can preview videos at www.itrainstation.com. To order, just log into your eServices account and click on the ‘Safety Flicks’ menu option. If you don’t have an eServices account, you can proceed to the following page to see how to obtain one. eSERVICES LOGIN

If you have any questions, contact your Safety Management Consultant for further assistance.

Disclaimer: Chesapeake Employers' Insurance Company is not responsible for the accuracy of the content and information contained in any streaming video.




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