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Maryland’s SAFELY Move Over Law:
Keep Our Emergency Workers & First Responders SAFE along the Roadside

Move Over logo  Every year, first responders are injured
  or killed on the job while providing the
  public with safety services on

  To help reduce the risks associated
  with these duties, new safety
  messaging informing the driving public
  about Maryland’s “Move Over” law was created by the Maryland State Police (MSP) in partnership with Chesapeake Employers’ Insurance and the State Highway Administration (SHA).

Safety Messages Created to Communicate Move Over Law
Now available:

Move Over pamphlet
• Safety Tip Sheet: Don’t Engage in Road Rage
Move Over poster

Maryland’s “Move Over” law originally went into effect on October 1, 2010 and was updated in 2014. Many motorists are still unfamiliar with the law or its safety intent. The law requires drivers approaching from the rear of an emergency vehicle using visual signals while stopped on a highway to, if possible, make a lane change into an available lane not immediately adjacent to the emergency vehicle.

For drivers, this means:
1. Always give your full time and attention while driving;
2. SLOW DOWN and give roadside emergency workers as much of a safety cushion as
3. Signal your lane change and MOVE OVER into the next lane if able to do so safely.

Move Over graphic   The intent of the Move Over law is to
  provide an extra barrier of safety for
  police officers, firefighters,
  emergency rescue personnel, and
  tow truck drivers working alongside
  Maryland’s roads. It is hoped that
  more motorists will become
  aware of police and emergency
  workers stopped along the roadside
  and move away from them or slow
  down as they pass by the traffic stop
  or incident scene.

State Partners Help Spread the Word

Over the next few months, the MSP, along with the Maryland Transportation Authority (MDTA) Police and the SHA Coordinated Highways Action Response Team (CHART), will be handing out copies of the brochure at all traffic stops, motor vehicle crashes and when assisting disabled vehicles on Maryland’s roadways. Brochures will also be available to the public at MSP Headquarters and the lobbies of all 22 Barracks and MDTA Police facilities.

The Maryland Highway Safety Office (MHSO), a division of the Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration (MVA), has joined the campaign as well.

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