Creating a Return-to-Work Program

Program bookletPreparing for and implementing a
return-to-work program has proven
highly effective in containing and reducing claims costs for our policyholders. Chesapeake Employers’ claims, nursing
and safety services professionals are here
to help offer guidance and tools to help you implement a program that helps you
and your injured worker transition back
to productive work. We encourage you
to review our guide publication that outlines
the steps to take before and after a work-
place injury.

Benefits to Employers:

  • Reduces your lost time claims and saves on temporary disability payments;
  • Fewer lost time claims and shorter duration claims can ultimately benefit a policyholder’s experience modification factor;
  • May reduce the likelihood of a malingering claim;
  • Saves the costs of hiring and training replacement employees;
  • Facilitates employer and employee contact in the workplace giving the employer some control and direction, leading to a more positive outcome and resolution to the claim;
  • May speed healing, saving medical expenses from a prolonged disability.

Benefits to the Employee:

  • Increases self-esteem (Back at work productively contributing)
  • Promotes morale among all workers
  • Contributes to faster recovery by keeping the injured worker mentally and physically conditioned to the regular work schedule;
  • Maintains social contact with fellow employees, which enhances recovery and encourages a faster return to the job;
  • Reduces the negative financial impact many injured workers experience due to lost time.

Helpful links:

Creating a Return-to-Work Program
(PDF Link)
Includes step-by-step instructions, questions & answers, and the forms employers need before and after an injury to create an effective Return-to-Work program.

BEFORE the Injury Occurs / Quick Guide

AFTER the Injury and Initial Treatment / Quick Guide

Return-to-Work Forms / PDFs
Return-to-Work Policy Statement Sample
Job Analysis Samples
Letter to Treating Doctor Sample
Return-to-Work Capacity Form
Transitional Job Duty Analysis
Transitional Return-to-Work Offer Letter
Back to Work Follow-up Form


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