MADA Program

As the largest provider of workers’ compensation insurance in Maryland, we are your workers’ comp specialists.

We can help you control your workers’ comp costs through:

  • Comprehensive safety services
  • Integrated health and claim services
  • Competitive pricing
  • Corporate dividends program for qualifying policyholders

Minimum eligibility requirements

*Exclusively available to members of MADA. Participants of the program must be members of MADA prior to the inception date of the policy. Accounts must meet minimum underwriting requirements for placement in Chesapeake Employers’ standard or preferred rating tiers. Residual accounts are not eligible for new business placement in the MADA Program. Association members with MADA class codes as the governing class are eligible for the program. Eligible tiers are defined within Chesapeake Employers’ underwriting guidelines. Discounts provided by this program will not apply to out-of-state payroll. Other States coverage available per Chesapeake Employers’ guidelines.

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