Payroll Service Payment Options

Paying premiums is easier than ever

When you choose one of our approved payroll service partners to manage your payroll functions, your workers' compensation premium payment will coincide with your payroll schedule. Furthermore, your premium will be calculated on actual, not projected, payroll, which streamlines the year-end audit process.

Improve your cash flow

Never again will your workers' compensation premium be estimated. Choose one of our approved payroll service partners, and your Chesapeake Employers premium payment will coincide with your payroll schedule – helping you maintain a healthy cash flow for your business.

How it works

Each pay period, you will send your payroll to your vendor to process. The vendor will communicate your payroll to Chesapeake Employers. Chesapeake Employers will then calculate the premium cost for your payroll period and inform you of the amount due. Shortly after each pay date, Chesapeake Employers will automatically debit the premium amount from an account designated by you.

How payroll service payment options benefit you

  • No down payment required; no premium down payment or installment fees;

  • Improved budgeting and cash flow; and

  • Streamlined audit process at year-end.

For more information about these payroll services, please contact the companies directly:

Deluxe Payroll


As a full-service payroll and tax filing firm proudly serving clients nationwide, we offer a variety of simple payroll management solutions for businesses of all types and sizes. Accuracy, responsiveness and personal service have been our cornerstones since our founding in 1983.



  KELLY Payroll is a web-based payroll management system that   offers full integration of payroll, workers' compensation, and   employee benefits through KELLY's Total Benefits Solutions®   technology (KTBSOnline), a proprietary benefit management   system of its affiliate Kelly & Associates Insurance Group.

Associated Builders and Contractors (ABC)

PRS Payroll Services LLC


Payroll Services (PRS) is a complete payroll processor servicing clients with one to 600 employees. PRS provides clients with services ranging from payroll processing in all 50 states to complex job costing and employee benefits. Whether your company needs payroll or health insurance, PRS has the right solution for your company.

  Valley Processing


Valley Processing has been providing professional payroll management to small & mid-size businesses since 1968. We offer clients leading-edge payroll solutions; fair, upfront pricing; and no hidden fees. Valley clients receive the highest level of customer service and payroll related products that the industry has to offer.

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