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Spring 2015 Newsletter  Know-how Newsletter Summer 2016 Complete

  How Special is Your E-Mod? How this important credit
  or debit can affect your premium cost.

  Ask the Chesapeake Employers' Claim Specialists
  Erica & Stacy

  Take Advantage of Our Safety Services Consultants

  MD Workers' Comp Claims Definitions Quick Guide


Spring 2015 Newsletter  Spring 2015 Complete Issue

  Going & Coming From Work: Exceptions Are the Rule

  The “Going & Coming From Work” Rule: Safety Tip

  Finding Fact, Not Fault

  Recent Success Cases at the Maryland Workers’ Comp

  Ask the Chesapeake Employers’ Specialists

Know-how cover graphic  Spring 2014 Complete issue

  Top 10 tips & tools to help you save on your workers’
  comp costs

  Ask our attorneys – questions on a contested claim
  Getting the most out of your agent relationship
  Recent success cases at the MD Work Comp

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Spring 2012 With IWIF

With IWIF Spring 2012 Complete Issue PDF 2.24MB

We are On Guard Reducing Work Comp Medical Costs PDF 687 KB

IWIF Fighting Prescription Drug Abuse in Workers' Comp PDF 573 KB

Understanding Rates and Basic Premium Calculation PDF 489 KB

Kids' Chance Was the Biggest Savior for Me - Scholarship Success Story PDF 800KB


Fall 2011 With IWIF

Complete Issue PDF 2MB

Goodwill Industries of the Chesapeake
Workplace Wellness Success Story

Getting Serious With IWIF
Safety Recommendations

Safety University Overview PDF 900kb

Ask the IWIF Experts
Your E-Mod and Loss Control Recommendations

PDF 800 kb

With IWIF cover graphic 2011

Spring 2011 With IWIF

Complete Issue PDF 1.8MB

Cover Story: Removing Roadblocks: Frequently Asked Questions About Return-to-Work Programs PDF 307Kb

Return-to-wWork Steps BEFORE & AFTER the Injury Occurs PDF 411Kb

Unlocking the Mysteries of the Bermuda Triangle PDF 490K

Spring 2010

Fall 2010 With IWIF

Complete Issue PDF 2MB

Cover Story: Preventing Falls from Extension Ladders Article and Safety Tip Shee PDF 651K

TSI Exterior Wall Systems: Award Winning Safety Culture at Work PDF 790K

Spring 2010

Spring 2010 With IWIF

Complete Issue PDF 1117kb

Cover Story: Building a Safety Incentive Program PDF 328kb

Ask the Expert: What is an Idiopathic Condition PDF 124kb

Recent IWIF Success Cases at the Workers’ Comp Commission   PDF 115kb

IWIF Fraud Investigations Recovered $2.4 million in 2009    PDF 249

Kids’ Chance of Maryland Scholarship Fundraising Gala May 27th    PDF 218

Fall 2009

Fall 2009 With IWIF

(Complete Issue) PDF 780k

Workplace Wellness Overview PDF 123k

10 Steps to Implementing a Workplace Wellness Program for Small Businesses PDF 105k

Workplace Wellness Strategy Diagram PDF 148k

Obesity Costly in Workers' Comp PDF 75k

Smoking Tobacco Takes Toll on Bones PDF 81k

Summer 09

Summer 09 With IWIF

(Complete Issue) 605 KB

Preventing Women's Workplace Injuries PDF 182k

Top 10 Secrets to Success to Start a Safe Lifting Program In the Health Care Environment PDF 136k

Top 10 Office Environment Safety Reminders for Supervisors PDF 129k

Ask the IWIF Experts PDF 109

Implement a Return-to-Work Program for Your Injured Health Care Worker PDF 96k

Rose Hill Mgt & Heart Homes Assisted Living Centers Honored With our Safety Saves Premier Partnership Award PDF 159k

Fall 2008

Fall 2008 With IWIF

(Complete Issue) PDF 868KB

RU Online With IWIF eServices Article PDF 442KB IWIF Ask the Expert PDF 129K

Safety Tip Sheet - Work Zone Driving Safety PDF152K

Emmitsburg Glass Co. Safety Saves Award PDF168K

2008 Workers' Comp Legislation PDF113K

Spring 2008

Summer 2008 With IWIF

(Complete Issue) 605 KB

Don't Break a Life, Prevent Catastrophic Injuries 217 KB

IWIF Injury Alert April 2008 73 KB

Top Catastrophic Injuries & How to Prevent Them 62 KB

Shock Trauma, When Life is On the Line 70 KB

Safety Tip Sheet – The Importance of Supervisors in Preventing Injuries 53 KB

Customer Success Story – LEMS Contracting, Inc. 164 KB

Summer 2007

Fall 2007 With IWIF

(Entire Newsletter) 658 KB PDF

Avoiding Pitfalls When Hiring Employees 135 KB PDF

Ask the IWIF Experts: What is a Claim Reserve? 62 KB PDF

Recent IWIF Success Cases at the Workers' Compensation Commission 44 KB PDF

Kids' Chance of Maryland Scholarship Fund News 84 KB PDF

Summer 2007

Summer 2007 With IWIF

(Entire Newsletter) 610 KB PDF

Protecting Your Older Workers 172 KB PDF

Medical Issues for Injured Older Workers: Interview with Dr. Scott Brown, Sinai Hospital 50 KB PDF

General Statistics on Injured Older Workers in Maryland 101 KB PDF

Ask the IWIF Experts Q & A - 92 KB PDF

Fall 2006

Fall 2006 With IWIF

(Entire Newsletter) 1,189 KB PDF

Employer's Guide to the Workers Comp Hearing Process in Md. 200 KB PDF

Workers' Comp Claims Process in Md: A Basic Overview 86 KB PDF

Md Workers' Comp Commission Claim Process Diagram 700 KB PDF

Karl Aumann, Chairman Md Workers' Comp Commission - An IWIF Interview 70 KB PDF

Ask IWIF Experts Q&A 76 KB PDF


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