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1.    1926.503(b)(1) - Fall Protection Standard-Failure to Provide Fall Protection Training Certification

2.    1926.501(b)(13)- Fall Protection Standard -Failure to Provide Fall Protection in Residential Construction

3.    1910.1200(h)(1)-Hazard Communication Standard-Failure to Provide Information and Training

4.    1910.1200(e)(1)- Hazard Communication Standard-Failure to Develop a Hazard Communication Program

5.    1926.503(a)(1) -Fall Protection Standard-Failure to Provide Fall Protection Training

6.    1926.95(a)-Personal Protective and Life Saving Equipment-Failure to Provide Personal Protective Equipment

7.    1926.1053(b)(1)-Ladder Standard-Failure to Have Portable Ladder Extend at Least 3 Feet Above the Upper Landing Surface

8.    1910.1200(g)(1)- Hazard Communication Standard-Failure to Have Safety Data Sheet Available

9.    1910.1200(e)(1)(i)- Hazard Communication Standard-Failure to Have a List of Hazardous Chemicals Present on the Worksite

10.  1926.451(g)(1)(vii)-Scaffolds-Failure to Protect Employees by Use of Personal Fall Arrest or Guardrail Systems

The local MOSH offices offer training in many of these workplace safety requirements

Also visit the Chesapeake Employers' Safety University for a list of general safety training materials available.

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