Comp Claims Declining graphicMaryland and the U.S is seeing an encouraging decline in workplace injuries, workers' compensation claims and workplace fatalities.

Nationally, nonfatal workplace injuries and illnesses among private employers in 2007 occurred at a rate of 4.2 cases per 100 full-time workers – a decline from 4.4 cases in 2006 and 4.6 cases in 2005.

Maryland’s injury rate is lower than the national average.
In Maryland, nonfatal workplace injuries and illnesses among private industry employers in 2007 occurred at a rate of 3.7 cases per 100 full-time workers – a decline from 3.8 cases in 2006 and 4.2 cases in 2005, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS).  Nationally, workplace fatalities in 2007 decreased 6% to 5,488, down from 5,840 in 2006. The leading cause of workplace fatalities is transportation/motor vehicle incidents, which are the cause of 41% of fatalities in the U.S.

Workplace fatalities in Maryland declined to 82 in 2007, down from 106 in 2006 and 95 in 2005. Transportation/motor vehicle incidents were the leading workplace fatality cause, with 33 fatalities in 2007, as cited by BLS.

Maryland workers’ compensation injury claims continue to decline.
As reported by the Maryland Workers’ Compensation Commission, for 2007, there were 24,900 workers’ compensation injury claims filed in Maryland. This is down from 26,200 in 2006, 27,100 in 2005 and 28,300 in 2004.

Maryland is becoming a safer place to work.
A number of factors are having a positive effect on reducing workplace injuries and workers’ compensation claims in Maryland. Overall, the workplace demographics in Maryland have been evolving from a manufacturing employment base to a service sector employment base. And with the general economic downturn, the construction industry has seen a slight decline in workers thus less exposure to potential workplace injuries.

But, most importantly, Maryland employers and their employees in a majority of occupations are working more safely. Employers are stepping up efforts to promote the benefits of workplace safety to their employees through continuous safety training and ergonomic workplace changes. Maryland employers are taking advantage of safety resources both from public organizations like the State’s MOSH consultation and outreach programs to training offered through the Chesapeake Region Safety Council.

Insurance companies in Maryland, including Chesapeake Employers Workers’ Compensation Insurance, have also been leading the efforts to promote the benefits of workplace safety. Our Safety Saves With Chesapeake Employers brand message has been our safety and value proposition to more than 26,000 Maryland employers and policyholders for the past 10 years. In 2007, our 14 Loss Control Consultants made more than 3,600 customer consultations and safety training visits.

Joe Gillian, Chesapeake Employers Director of Loss Control, states, “With workplace injuries continuing to decrease each year, employers and their employees can see their safety training and safety awareness efforts are paying off - literally.” Preventing the pain and suffering of workplace injuries not only prevents injuries and saves lives, it has the financial benefit to employers of lowering overall insurance costs. Helping Maryland employers find solutions to preventing workplace injuries with safety training, guidance and insurance premiums savings is a core mission for Chesapeake Employers.

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Encouraging Decline in MD Workplace Injuries, MD Workers Compensation Claims and MD Workplace Fatalities


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