Catastrophic Injury Care Team

Serious injuries require special handling.

The first step starts with you!

Although all injuries deserve professional investigation and file management, some catastrophic or very serious injuries need a different response. We have a CAT team to help you and your employees whenever these events occur and ask that you call us immediately, 24 hours a day, if something of this nature occurs. We are here to help, but we can't begin until we are notified. The following is a list of medical indicators that will assist in identifying potential catastrophic losses:

  • An injury requiring helicopter transportation to a trauma center such as Shock Trauma, Curtis Hand Center, Wilmer Eye Institute, or Hopkins Burn Center;

  • Any situation resulting in a life-threatening condition;

  • Spinal cord injury;

  • Brain or serious head injury;

  • Serious burn(s), electrocution or chemical exposure;

  • Heart attack and stroke;

  • Broken or fractured neck or back;

  • Multiple trauma or fractures (such as leg and arm);

  • Serious accident involving more than one employee; or

  • Fatality.

Call us at 1-888-410-1400 and a Customer Service Representative will contact a member of the CAT team, who will promptly:

  • Contact the hospital in an effort to obtain information regarding the injured worker, assign a nurse to go to the hospital and meet with the injured worker and/or family as appropriate.

  • Call you back to gather additional information and advise you as to the injured worker's condition Offer advice to assist you and your staff as the circumstances warrant.

The CAT team is available to help you and your injured workers at any time. We encourage you to contact us if any of these serious situations occur or anytime you think the situation might require this type of immediate action.

Post our number, 1-888-410-1400, and instruct your staff to first call 911 and then call Chesapeake Employers when responding to a serious injury.

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