Opioid Drug Addiction

Help STOP Prescription Opioid Addiction in Your Workplace

Overdose deaths caused by prescription opioids continues to explode in Maryland. In 2016, 418 overdose deaths were caused by prescription opioids, according to the Maryland Department of Health. That’s up 15 percent over the year before.

As Maryland’s largest writer for workers’ compensation insurance, Chesapeake Employers Insurance believes tackling the issue
of opioid drug-abuse and addiction is important on all fronts, which includes helping to promote the prevention message in your workplace. We encourage you to start the conversation, educate and make your employees aware of the life-threatening dangers associated with taking prescription opioids.

Chesapeake Employers Insurance has created a “STOPioid Drug Addiction Prevention Message Kit” for the workplace. The kit includes:  

These items can be emailed or copied (for your internal training, employee newsletter or serve as a pay check flyer/stuffer)

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The kit can be ordered for free by emailing: publications@ceiwc.com

Additional links and resources:
Maryland Department of Health

CDC – Centers for Disease Control




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