Reminder: Employers Post The OSHA Form 300A Summary From February 1 to April 30th.

Beginning February 1, employers must post a summary of the total number of job-related injuries and illnesses that occurred last year, according to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). Employers are required to post only the Summary (OSHA Form 300A)-not the OSHA 300 Log -from Feb. 1 to Apr. 30.

  • The summary must list the total numbers of job-related injuries and illnesses that occurred in the previous year and were logged on the OSHA 300 form.

  • Employment information about annual average number of employees and total hours worked during the calendar year is also required to assist in calculating incidence rates.

  • Companies with no recordable injuries or illnesses in 2011 must post the form with zeros on the total line.
  • All establishment summaries must be certified by a company executive.

  • Since maintaining a favorable incidence rating may be used as a benchmark for bidding building jobs in construction and other industries, it is important that only “medical” (not “first aid”) cases be entered on the OSHA form. For further explanation, please see subpart B (5) ii & i in the web site.

  • The form is to be displayed in a common area wherever notices to employees are usually posted. Employers must make a copy of the summary available to employees who move from worksite to worksite, such as construction workers, and employees who do not report to any fixed establishment on a regular basis.

If you would like the OSHA guidelines go to:

Updatable OSHA 300 forms including the summary page are available from the OSHA website in user friendly Excel format or PDF.

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