Pay-As-You-Go Billing Plan

A Smarter Way to Pay Premiums
Introducing Pay-As-You-Go with SmartPay Solutions

Your eligible workers’ compensation insurance clients now have a new, flexible payment option with Chesapeake Employers Insurance: Pay-as-you-go with SmartPay Solutions. Chesapeake Employers has partnered with SmartPay Solutions, a leader in pay-as-you-go solutions, to bring your commercial customers improved flexibility with how they pay their premium.

How it works

Pay-as-you-go with SmartPay Solutions enables your eligible clients insured by Chesapeake Employers to pay their premiums based on real-time payroll information each payroll cycle.

Your clients may enter payroll data manually or use a payroll service vender. SmartPay Solutions will then calculate and withdraw premium from your client’s bank account based on each payroll report.

How do I enroll my clients?

Choose the “Payroll Service” billing option during the new business or renewal quote process. Once the policy is in Pending Issuance status, your client will receive a welcome/registration email from SmartPay Solutions with detailed instructions on setting up an online account.

Are commissions paid differently than other policies?

No. The full commission amount will come through the direct bill statements in the month the policy is effective, based on the annual written premium. Any audit transactions will also come through in the month processed.

Who is eligible?

All Chesapeake Employers’ policyholders are eligible for the pay-as-you-go plan at policy renewal or as a new policyholder, except those with an exclusive per-capita rating.

To qualify:

  • Elect a full-term policy
  • Have at least one payroll-based classification
  • Report payroll by class code or employee
  • Agree to have premiums paid via Automated Clearing House (ACH) withdrawal from a checking account

Can my clients keep their current payroll vendors?

In many cases, yes. SmartPay Solutions has the ability to work with many payroll companies.*

How does this improve the audit process for my clients?

With accurate and timely reporting and billing, final audit premium adjustments can be minimized. Policyholders with fluctuating payrolls can see an improvement in cash flows since premium is billed in real-time.

For more information, please see the Pay-As-You-Go Agents FAQs, contact your Territorial Account Executive at Chesapeake Employers, or visit SmartPay Solutions at

*Excludes ADP and Paychex.
SmartPay is a third party service provider contracted by Chesapeake Employers’ Insurance Company to administer the pay-as-you-go payment plan.

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