About Chesapeake Employers' Insurance Company

Company Overview

Chesapeake Employers' Insurance Company has specialized in providing workers' compensation insurance to Maryland businesses since 1914.

Board Members

Executive Team

As the leading writer of workers' compensation insurance in Maryland, Chesapeake Employers continues to be a competitive force in the industry, with an array of consumer-driven products and services that are available to all Maryland businesses.

Chesapeake Employers offers a fully integrated safety and benefits delivery system that provides safety information and quality medical care with an early return-to-work objective. This system includes several components designed to work in concert with policyholders and their injured employees.

Industry-specific loss control consultants are trained to work with a company's top management team to provide customized workplace health and safety programs that reduce the frequency and severity of workplace accidents. Loss control experts assist policyholders in developing safety cultures that create safer work environments and lower premiums.

Our Special Investigations Unit is devoted to identifying and aggressively pursuing alleged fraudulent activity. With a policy on "Zero Tolerance" for fraud, the unit saves policyholders millions in potential payments to claimants.

We are a fully self-supporting insurance company that operates solely from premium and investment income. A nine-member, governor-appointed board of directors oversees the general operations of Injured Workers Insurance Fund.

As part of our commitment to first-class customer service, we have established an email link for customers to ask questions or give feedback about our services. We encourage you to contact us at

Our Vision:

Be the best workers' compensation insurance carrier in Maryland.

Our Mission:

To provide Maryland businesses with a readily available source for workers' compensation insurance that features high quality products and services at a fair price; and to protect workers and employers by championing workplace safety.

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